Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monster of the Milky Way

NOVA PBS Black Holes Monster Milky way David BrinDread Tomato Addiction blog signature Home for dinner, and Black Holes are on the menu. Time to try a little live blogging with NOVA on PBS.

David Brin describes black holes.

Space moving faster than light? I'm not familiar with that analogy. Space literally getting sucked up? Could they mean that space gets stretched or inflated instead?

Birth of a black hole.

NOVA PBS Black Holes Monster Milky way Gregory BenfordGregory Benford: "We think of black holes as God's dumpster, but they really are actors on the galactic stage."

Colliding galaxies, great fun.

More pretty pictures.

All in all, this program was big on pretty pictures and low on technical content, but then it appears to be intended for a younger audience, so maybe that is OK.

We still don't know what happens inside the black hole though, where the laws of physics break down. Mysteries await us.

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