Saturday, January 24, 2009

Swoop Rabbit Swoop

Nature flying Rabbit hunting evolutionA note in Nature Alert [Subscribe at] brings attention to increased evolutionary pressures brought about by human predation. I am particularly alarmed by evidence given in the accompanying photograph. This rabbit hunter is not aiming for any normal ground-dwelling creature. Note the elevated position of his hunting weapon, he is clearly aiming at some airborne target; a newly evolved species of Coniculous lepin flappin! (OK, I didn't see it first, but I'm naming it anyway.)

running flying rabbit Jody MelansonHere is a close-up photo of Coniculous flappin in low-altitude flight.
[photo by Jody Melanson]

Rabbit wings natasha Leong copyrightHere is another example, this one shown with wings extended. It is not clear if this individual is of the same species or in another newly mutated offshoot.
[photo copyright Natasha Leong]

Of even greater concern: what might happen if the flight mutation should spontaneously develop in domesticated species ... such as sheep!

Finally, I apologize for my recent dry-spell in posting. A nasty flu bug had me out of action for a few days, and I'm still getting caught up.
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