Thursday, January 1, 2009

Statistics on Blogs of Note

So what happens when a virtual tidal wave of internet traffic strikes your blog? Why, you blog about it of course!

My other blog (GBR ) was the "Blog of Note" for December 23rd, 2008. On a scale of events for a new blogger like me, this goes beyond exciting and well into the frightening zone. Here is what my traffic looked like on GBR the week before -
- and for comparison this blog (DTA) for the same period.
The traffic is about the same, and nothing too exciting. It had been slowly been building up to this since I started these blogs back in September (2008). DTA got a bump around the 14th with traffic coming in from another blog where I had been commenting (Science and Math Defeated, IIRC).

Then on the afternoon of the 23rd I had two comments, which I thought was great. I replied, then noticed my hit count was 400 for the day and climbing fast. For reference, I only had about 500 total hits (since September) as of that morning. Something was up. A check on StatCounter showed me I was getting a huge amount of traffic from Blogs of Note. Here's the GBR chart -
- and again for reference the chart for the same period for DTA.
It just happened that my lead post on GBR for the 23rd had a link to DTA, so you can see a bit of a click-thru effect here. I don't make a habit of linking to myself (outside the blog roll anyway) because I want each blog to stand on it's own, but in this case it was good luck because DTA picked up a few readers too.

Here is the continuous chart for GBR, Dec 12 through Dec 31 -
- and the same for DTA.

I anticipate that my GBR traffic will fade a bit when it slips off the "last ten" page, but I'll likely get a small but steady flow from people looking at the older "noted" blogs.

Wow. It's been quite a ride. I can't tell you exactly why my blog was selected, but I'm sure it helped that I occasionally post in the Blogger help forums, giving the folks at blogger an excuse to look at what I'm up to. Google Analytics tells me I've got 100+ readers for GBR now, so the pressure to perform is on. I'll try not to let anyone down.