Sunday, December 18, 2011

Statistics for Badgers

I just discovered BadgerStatsan organization that presents data driven commentary on Wisconsin's economy, education, business climate, and other topics.

Our work is motivated by our belief that:
  • Many Wisconsinites want crediblenonpartisan information about their state, including insights into what’s working and what’s not, and about our state’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Meeting Wisconsin’s challenges will require government that is more efficient andeffective, producing better results for citizens and better value for taxpayers. 
  • Wisconsin government, at the state and local levels, would benefit from a more performance-oriented culture that focuses on results and uses performance data to manage.
  • Every citizen deserves to know how their government is doing in key policy areas. Toward that end, every level of government (and every agency) should provide, online for citizens, a set of clear, timely, and accurate performance measures and goals. 
  • Wisconsin’s future depends on an informed citizenry, since meeting our state’s challenges — and seizing our opportunities — will require people of all political stripes to come together in informed public dialogue to help chart our future.

Speaking as a data-guy, I appreciate and encourage this sort of information oriented reporting. This could become Wisconsin's own version of