Monday, June 6, 2011

Wisconsin Suburban Coyote Scat

Caution: The topic of todays' post is entirely scatological. This is evidence of a coyote marking it's territory, with the territory in question being the sidewalk by my house. I knew there were coyotes nearby; I've seen the scats when out walking on some undeveloped land by a nearby quarry, and actually spotted a few roaming by the highway. However, this is the first evidence they are actually in my yard.

It should not be surprised, because the local rabbit population is absolutely exploding. I can't say I am unhappy either, because those rabbits have been doing terrible things to my strawberry patch. Now maybe they will get some natural population management. I scooped up the scat (now nicely dried) and moved it to a corner of my vegetable patch, where it may discourage rabbits from eating my newly planted squash.

On the down side, I will need to escort my little dog on her nighttime excursions. I don't want her getting on the wrong side of nature.