Thursday, October 8, 2009

Very Contrary

David Brin has long been one of my favorite authors, but I only recently discovered my more socio-political ramblings. I'm don't agree with all that he says (and I don't think I am supposed to), but he really make me think about think in a different way.

This post is actually an experiment in publishing from Google Sidewiki. A new service that allows you to post comments about any web page. It works, but now I'm going back and editing this monster I have created.

Now back to Brin - - -

- - - Some highlights:

Does The New Right Even Have an Agenda Anymore?

Alas, today's Republican Establishment seems not only incapable but uninterested in negotiation or deliberation. It isn't just the dogmatism, or lockstep partisanship, or Koolaid fantasies spun -up by the Murdoch-Limbaugh hate machine. Heck, even though "culture war" is verifiably the worst direct treason against the United States of America since Fort Sumter, that isn't what boggles most.
No. Given their lack of any other tangible accomplishments across the last fifteen years, one must to conclude that the core agenda of Rush Limbaugh, Rupert Murdoch and their petroprince backers really is quite simple.

To find out just how far they can push "culture war" toward a repeat of 1861.
Alas. This is no longer even about "conservatism" anymore. Barry Goldwater lived long enough to denounce what he saw happening to his beloved movement, and things have plummeted even father, since that great man died

Nowadays, bottom-to-top -- and especially at the very top -- it is all about stupidity.

AND from the comments:

What I'm saying is that this post is sabre rattling. The red-staters will not back down because you remind them that people from blue states could defeat them as they did in the past.
But there is a power center that might push for such a demolition. It is foreign, VASTLY richer than Murdoch, and has openly avowed its wish for a world they control, and without us in it.
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- Contrary Brin: A rant about stupidity... and the coming civil war... (view on Google Sidewiki)