Friday, June 5, 2009

Save us from 12/21/2012

Dread Tomato Addiction blog signature I guess I have not been paying attention, because I just learned that the World will end on December 21, 2012. Fortunately, Xtine is here to save us:

“I’ve known about 12/21/2012 for a good three years,” explains Minnesota native Xtine. “And I’ve been pissed off about it for a good three years. It sucks to have my birthday right before Christmas, but this end of the world prediction is the last straw.”

Xtine says she “plans to put an end to the end of the world baloney." She encourages everyone to google debunking, disproving, criticism of 2012. As much evidence as there is for the end of the world, or the ushering in of a New Golden Age, there is evidence that “a whole lotta nada” is going to happen on her birthday… again.

After reading her post, I am prepared to believe she can save us by the power of rant alone.
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