Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Rodriguez File, Revisited

Improbable Research Rodriguez FileI find myself short of time and ideas tonight, so I shall regale you with past exploits.

I encountered The Rodriguez File one day at Improbable Research, where I was intrigued by the question ...

"I would like to explore the statistical chances of getting such a line".

The straight line being the arrangement of words to the right such that 5 or 6 spaces line up to form a line.

Improbable Research Rodriguez FileSo I took a stab at the problem, and Kees (duck researcher extraordinaire) choose to post it for the world to see:
The Rodriguez File (part 2)

However, I was not satidfied with that effort, and made a second attempt, which appears here:
The Rodriguez File (part 3).

Improbable Research Rodriguez FileThen someone asked the question a different way, and I had yet another go at it:
The Rodriguez File (part 4).

It's good to be a statistician. We get to consider all kinds of strange and interesting questions.
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