Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wrong and Wronger

A month ago I wrote about telling off a Nobel laureate (see Wrong). That is a conceit on my part, because I doubt Dr. Josephson will ever read it. Someone read it though, because it sparked a flurry of response from some Answers in Genesis Creationists (yes, I know that is redundant). One in particular, identifying himself only as Bonesiii Dromer, was moved to a truly spectacular display of sanctimonious bombast. After some thought and considerable delay (I was exceptionally busy) I finally posted a response to the nonsense.

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Blog changes

I just made a complete overhaul of my blog template, because I found that quoted text just wasn't at all legible, and other formatting annoyances. No doubt this will cause chaos and destruction throughout the blogosphere. Please let me know if you spot anything in need to fixing.